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E36: Do Better Digital: A Call to Action for Digital Influencers, Marketers, and Online Content Creators

Sep 24, 2020

  How can you make a kinder, more just world as a digital influencer?   You may have heard this phrase by Gary Vaynerchuck: “Marketers ruin everything.” If that statement is true, then it makes me wonder: If markete...

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E35: Summer Strategy Sessions Recap

Sep 03, 2020

   Have you realigned your business strategy yet?   When I set out to do the Summer Strategy Sessions in May, I never would have guessed where this summer would take us. Fortunately, what I like to call the Three C’s of S...

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E34: Creativity Part 4: The Trinity Principle

Aug 27, 2020

Are you ready to be more creative in your marketing?   I imagine that for many of you, one of these two thoughts is holding you back:   “When would I have time for that? By the time I come up with a post and copy-and-paste ...

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E33: Creativity Part 3: Creative Solutions Instead of Creating Worry with Danielle Rush of Red Life Living

Aug 20, 2020

   Are you struggling with the concept of creativity in your business pursuits?   There’s a reason that Creativity is our final section of the Summer Strategy Sessions: You need to understand how to care for yourself and ...

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E31: Creativity, Part 2: Sales Cure Everything

Aug 13, 2020

  Sales cure everything, but not for the reason you think. There’s a faded sticky note that hangs on my writing desk with these words scrawled across it: “Be the one who changes everyone else’s luck when you walk in t...

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