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E46: 2021 Business Strategies: What We Learned from 2020 That We’re Taking Into the New Year

Dec 03, 2020

  Have you thought about what the new normal will look like in a post-pandemic world?   Have you thought about how you can influence what that new world will look like?   In today’s episode, I talk about what my team an...

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E45: Grateful for It All - Celebrating 2020’s Best Moments (So far)

Nov 26, 2020

  Is there anything worth salvaging from 2020?   If you’ve been following along for the past few episodes, you know that I’ve been able to find some nuggets of gold in all the junk 2020 has been throwing at us this year....

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E44: Community Building When We Don’t All Think the Same with Naomi Hattaway

Nov 19, 2020

  What are you doing to actively build up your community?   If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we really do need each other. In our personal and professional lives, we depend on our community not just to survive, but to...

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E43: SEO is a Long Term Strategy: Think Cycles, Not Straight Lines

Nov 12, 2020

  What would change for you if you viewed your SEO strategy as a transformational change instead of just data-driven analytics?   In today’s episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on how SEO fits into our #DoBetterDigital stra...

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E42: Digital Marketing Sucks (Sometimes): The Most Ridiculous Things We’ve Seen in Marketing with Crystal Smith

Nov 05, 2020

  2020 is the year the world turned upside down. Has your marketing kept up?   In today’s episode, we talk with Jedi Marketing Master, cohost of Digital Dykes, and my longtime friend, Crystal Smith. We’re looking back a...

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