Our front gal, Coach Renia, helps business leaders like you systematize what makes you awesome. The techniques, tools, tips, and books shared here are all designed to help you savor more moments of joy with the people you love. We believe in the hustle. We also believe in the spaces between when it’s time to savor the results too. Whether you need a kick in the booty or a permission slip to take a break, you’ll find the tools you need here.

E10: Why your business might need a small stage

Feb 13, 2020

  Sustainability is sexy. It’s the key to long term local business success. Around here, we believe that small stages are more sustainable for most local businesses. When we think small, it’s often easier to think big impact t...

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E9: Sales vs. Networking: How to Choose the Right Path (And an apology from a recovering know-it-all)

Feb 06, 2020

  This episode is about sales versus networking, but it could also be called, Why listening to 25-year-olds about business strategy is a bad idea.   Today’s episode is a recording from 2019 of an answer to one of the most comm...

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E8: 3 Tools I Use Daily to Manage My Activator Energy

Jan 30, 2020

  Why do I teach energy management instead of time management?   Because we are all given the same 24 hours each day, the same 1,440 “nuggets” of time. However, when we manage our energy instead of our time we can maximi...

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E7: Managing Your Energy & Mojo with Lori Bainum - Part 2

Jan 23, 2020

In this episode, I continue my conversation with Lori Bainum as we evaluate self-care and purpose. You’ll learn how to develop a personal practice that will make you feel better as a person, give positive energy to those around you, lead...

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E6: Managing Your Energy & Mojo with Lori Bainum - Part 1

Jan 16, 2020

We are all given 1,440 minutes every day, precious little gold nuggets of time. What are you going to do with yours? In this episode, we are going to dive deep to help you dig out of the trip of “being too busy.” Find joy and sati...

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