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E20: We Get By with A Little Help from Our Friends - Season 2 Recap

May 07, 2020

  Small, local business owners can cultivate the biggest impacts within their own communities.    Even if you have a business that, like mine, is 100% virtual. You can make an impact by rooting your business in the place w...

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E19: Business Remixed with Trudi Lebron

Apr 30, 2020

  Why do you do business the way that you do? Are you creating the impact that you want from your work? If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, today’s episode is for you. We will be diving into how you can get your val...

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E18: Running A Yoga Studio Business During Social Distancing with Christina Muro (Community Business Spotlight)

Apr 23, 2020

  Sometimes it takes adversity to push you. That’s what Christina Muro realized when Covid-19 closures pressed her to finally offer online classes for her yoga studio.   Running a business during these unprecedented times can ...

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E17: Run Your Virtual Office Like A Boss with Stephanie Veraghen

Apr 16, 2020

  How can you make remote work manageable and efficient for your company?   Something that I’ve learned is the power of hiring an online business manager. Someone who can examine your business and be a second set of eyes on yo...

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E16: Are There Emergencies in Marketing? And other Beliefs About Micro-Business I’m Reevaluating Now

Apr 09, 2020

  There are no emergencies in marketing. It’s something I used to say often and am currently reevaluating.   What I've discovered, as I deal with this moment, is that micro-business still matters. Even, and maybe especially, i...

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