E8: 3 Tools I Use Daily to Manage My Activator Energy

Jan 30, 2020


Why do I teach energy management instead of time management?


Because we are all given the same 24 hours each day, the same 1,440 “nuggets” of time. However, when we manage our energy instead of our time we can maximize our work to find more joy, growth and meaningful production.

These techniques are not just for the “good days” when the “flow” just happens. They are to keep you moving forward on the tough days. Eventually, you will find that you create more days where you find the flow and you’ll get more done in business and life.

I want to offer you 3 battle-tested, client favorite, tactile tools to manage your energy.

These tools will help you to stay in line with your vision, keep your energy high and give you the fuel you need to make progress.

I highly encourage you to listen to Episode 6 and Episode 7 featuring an interview with Lori Bainum to give you the context for the importance of these tools and catch the vision for energy management.


Are you ready? Navigate directly to each tool here:

[7:23] Tool #1: The Morning Routine - Start your day with keystone habits that will set you up to WIN the day

[9:30] Learn how meditation will make space in your mind

[12:23] Hear how writing will clear the deck in your mind

[15:30] Tool #2: Prioritize your day with the Daily Index Card

[23:47] Find out the biggest energy drain we experience when we complete things 

[25:37] Tool #3: Using your smartphone as a follow-up coaching tool


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