E18: Running A Yoga Studio Business During Social Distancing with Christina Muro (Community Business Spotlight)

Apr 23, 2020


Sometimes it takes adversity to push you. That’s what Christina Muro realized when Covid-19 closures pressed her to finally offer online classes for her yoga studio.


Running a business during these unprecedented times can be hard. You might have to make decisions and pivot faster than you otherwise would.

Christina thought of going online from the beginning of Yoga4Fitness. Recently, current circumstances forced her hand. In this episode, Christina shares her story of bringing her in-person business into the digital space. 

She had to adapt abruptly. Christina needed to learn how to use new software. She even enlisted the help of her young daughters to hold her camera while recording.

Christina and I get really real about what it feels like to begin an online journey in the middle of a global crisis. We talk mindset shifts and letting go of perfectionism, and along the way touch on some of the core of what makes local business owners so remarkable.

We talk about getting into entrepreneurship while still working in a corporate job. You’ll find her advice about this to be very refreshing. Make sure to pay close attention when Christina shares advice about diversifying your revenue. 


Meet Christina Muro of Yoga4Fitness


Yoga4Fitness is my favorite yoga studio, so I was soo jazzed to have Christina on the show! She is a serious badass!

Christina has always had a passion for business. She graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia with a Masters Degree in Finance. She has enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world holding positions in accounting, finance, and sales.

Christina started her yoga journey in 2016. She immediately fell in love with the practice after taking her first class at Studio108 in Westchase. Christina went on to complete her 200 YTT training, Creative Flow, and Hot 108 all under Missy White of Studio 108.

While building her corporate career, yoga has been a way to help her deal with the high demands of her job. Christina's vision is to bring the practice that changed her life to as many people as possible. She truly believes that everyone can benefit from yoga.

Her love of business and yoga came together when she opened Yoga 4 Fitness in October of 2018 to bring her vision to life. When not working, Christina enjoys spending time with her two daughters and family pets.


In episode 18 of Small Stage, Big Impact we discuss...


  • [4:11] How Christina paired a career in sales with running a yoga studio
  • [8:32] Learning to shut off her mind and enjoy the restorative practice of yoga
  • [9:44] Her experience of closing her shop due to the pandemic
  • [11:30] What it was like moving her yoga practice online and what mindset shifts she overcame
  • [13:58] How she's developing a sense of community for her online yoga classes
  • [19:15] What she’s discovered after bringing her yoga classes online
  • [19:47] What she used to start creating videos for her online yoga classes
  • [25:11] How the current times pushed her to launch in a quick, timely manner to connect with her people
  • [27:23] Why you shouldn’t launch online if that’s not apart of your long-term business plan
  • [31:45] Remembering that you’re human and you can take breaks when needed
  • [35:34] The mishaps that come with teaching yoga classes online
  • [39:30] How Christina got into sales after working in finance 
  • [42:03] What this situation has taught Christina about diversifying her revenue sources
  • [43:50] Why Christina is thankful to still be at her corporate job while running her yoga studio
  • [47:01] The sacrifices Christina made to be able to open her yoga studio
  • [50:17] Creative ways to weather the storm and using this time as an opportunity to focus on what else you can do for your business


Resources mentioned by Christina and Renia in the episode:



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