E27: Courage, Part 1: A Call to Community Business Leaders to Create the Change We Wish To See In The World

Jul 16, 2020


What does it mean to have courage? 

Even thinking about taking a risk, especially a business risk, can leave us feeling apprehensive. And while a single act of bravery can be difficult, repeatedly taking risks can be downright scary. 


But what if I told you that sustaining courageous action is exactly what your business needs?

Sustainable courage is essential for maintaining forward progress.

Businesses must change and adapt to remain relevant to their target market. Change requires risks. In this kick-off episode for the Courage section of our Summer Strategy Sessions, we discuss how to develop intentional, sustainable courage. 


What exactly does this kind of courage look like? No matter the times we live in, taking appropriate risks with our companies requires three things:

  • Leading from our values
  • Understanding risks
  • Asking for help when necessary


In Episode 27, we’re looking ahead at the second leg of our strategy framework. In today’s climate, we are being asked to be more courageous than ever. How do we do that? Listen now to learn what you can expect over the next few weeks as we explore courage in the world of business.

In episode 27 of Small Stage, Big Impact we discuss:

  • [3:35] How understanding your values as a business is central to developing courage
  • [4:42] Why we must revisit what our top values are as we learn and grow as individuals and with our businesses
  • [6:12] What our business values are and how they help guide our company
  • [9:25] How mitigating risk helps make risks less risky
  • [12:19] Why timing is critical to your courageous action being successful and accepted
  • [14:24] Why we have a responsibility to make sure our risks are sustainable
  • [18:15] The importance of asking for help when you need it

Resources mentioned by Renia in the episode:

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