E3: The Guitar Hero Principle: Playing for Purpose Not Points

Jan 01, 2020

What Guitar Hero taught me about local business branding...

In this podcast episode, we talk about why we want to be a Local Rock Star, and NOT a Guitar Hero. Picking up on the lessons we learned from Pat Crowley (LINK THIS) in our last episode, we will explore 3 reasons why playing for points isn’t a long- term, sustainable business model.


Here are some moments you don’t want to miss: 

[8:19] Why point systems only work in the short term. 

[11:38] How playing for points creates more enemies than allies. [14:40] When you play for points, eventually you will have to retire.
[16:48] Answer some hard hitting questions to prompt you on your Purpose.

[18:12] Taking on one big, scary challenge to increase collaboration, not competition.


Book mentioned in this podcast:


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Small Stage, Big Impact is hosted by Renia Carsillo (that's me!). I am hardcore passionate and committed to bringing the systems and strategies that give big brands an unfair advantage to local businesses. For that reason, I created the Local Rock Star Intensive, where I helps local business owners use their small stage to have a BIG impact. Thank you for being here and reading this far!