E26: Care, Part 4: Customer Care in Tense Times: In-person, online, and over the phone

Jul 09, 2020


How do we show up to serve others, when showing up is dangerous?


In our final episode on care, we discuss the unique challenges businesses are facing right now with customer care. Health, safety, and social issues dominate our news feeds. Our daily routines have been restructured. Anxiety is spiking for everyone and impacting our relationships.


In today’s tense environment, customer service is more vital than ever. We could unintentionally erode customer trust and loyalty without ever speaking to a customer in person. How do we avoid losing customers when our usual methods of communication have changed?


The way you serve your customers must evolve to fit this moment.


Consider the way that you are currently interacting with your customers. If you are still able to engage with them in person, are you:


  • Being purposeful with your body language
  • Finding ways to greet them while maintaining social distance
  • Learning to accommodate customers who are hard of hearing


If you speak with customers on the phone, are you:


  • Giving them your full, enthusiastic attention
  • Being clear in your speech to reduce misunderstandings


If you interact with customers online, are you:


  • Using available resources to ensure quick responses
  • Making it clear how you want customers to contact you


We address each of these issues with action items you can put in place today to improve customer retention and loyalty.

In episode 26 of Small Stage, Big Impact we discuss:

  • [5:28] Why your customer care needs to evolve to retain clients in 2020
  • [9:15] How mask-wearing impacts in-person customer care and solutions for building rapport
  • [13:11] How 30 seconds can change your demeanor and positively affect customer interactions
  • [16:23] Training on ways to communicate with the deaf and hard-of-hearing community when mask-wearing provides an obstacle
  • [19:35] The need to develop new habits in our body language when greeting or welcoming customers
  • [22:11] The vital importance of empathy right now when everyone is stressed
  • [25:00] The transformative power of the “mirror trick” to help your team be enthusiastic and engaged on the phone
  • [27:20] Training your team to speak slowly and clearly to avoid misunderstandings on the phone
  • [30:04] How a quick response is the most important part of online service
  • [33:20] The importance of cultivating trust with your customers by making it clear how they can get service from you


Resources mentioned by Renia in the episode:


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