E5: What Country Stars Know: The Hero’s Journey for Local Business

Jan 09, 2020


What’s the difference between a Country Star and a Rock Star, when it comes to local business?

Think about a country song, one story and the progression of that story. Now think about a rock chorus, one big idea repeated again and again.

A business styled as a country star will ride on your experience, integrity, and expertise as an owner with a partner or small team. It’s personal branding as a personal connection with the individual. With a rock star business, the customer might meet the owner, but most likely you are serviced by the team.


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[5:00] Whichever style you choose, you need to be consistent.

[6:05] Every growing company will hit a point where the personal brand of the owner no longer works and a transition has to be made.

[7:45] Once you figure out what kind of star you are, it makes some of your marketing questions more clear.

[9:30] Who are you in the context of the Hero’s Journey? <hint> The hero of the story should be your customer.

[14:40] Know which star you are and use it to inform your customer’s Hero’s Journey.

Books mentioned in this episode: Building a StoryBrand Book by Donald Miller.

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