E9: Sales vs. Networking: How to Choose the Right Path (And an apology from a recovering know-it-all)

Feb 06, 2020


This episode is about sales versus networking, but it could also be called, Why listening to 25-year-olds about business strategy is a bad idea.


Today’s episode is a recording from 2019 of an answer to one of the most common questions I am asked about business strategy: 

“How much time should I spend on sales vs. networking?”

To answer that question, I first have to confess that I taught people wrong on this subject for a long time. I’ll share that story, the lesson I learned from doing it wrong, and what the right answer is the topic of today’s episode.

Unfortunately, I was a pretty big know-it-all at 25. I liked to tell people, mostly in training for a company I worked with that was making its money selling business networking as a lifestyle, that sales were for neanderthals. 


“There are stages in your life where focusing mostly on sales makes more sense than focusing on networking, and vice versa. It isn’t only a business decision.”

Renia Carsillo


In this episode we discuss…

  • [00:31] The confusion -- Yup, I was that asshole.
  • [3:18] My number one rule in business strategy. 
  • [6:30] Understanding your sales cycle when making a choice about sales versus marketing time.
  • [8:35] Why I think going to networking events when your business is brand new might be a bad idea.
  • [9:22] Tools that we need to put in place BEFORE we head out networking.
  • [12:19] Why sales are easier than referrals and why we tend to not realize that.
  • [13:25] How your life stage impacts your choice about pursuing sales versus networking activities.
  • [16:00] Why parenthood and other life stages might impact which choice is right for you.
  • [18:13] My ideal ratios for sales time and networking time, based on the stage you are in.
  • [19:30] Why going to networking events is often a way we hide from the big business asks.
  • [21:30] Why networking-only is magical thinking for many local businesses.

Disclaimer: This episode is specifically meant for community-based businesses where the owner is the primary sales and marketing person. The options, ratios, and choices discussed here will be different for you if that isn’t your situation.


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