E22: 3 Types of Caring to Consider for Rearranging the Rest of 2020

Jun 11, 2020


What might shift in your business if you think of this moment like a dance instead of a battle?

It’s not a reaction to Covid, but instead a time to reflect on how you can get realigned with your goals.

In this episode, we’re kicking off our discussion of Care, the first of the 3 C’s for realigning your business strategy. 

We’re going to chat about the 3 types of caring to consider when rearranging the rest of 2020:


  • Self-care
  • Employee care
  • Customer care.


Why does caring come first? I'll uncover that on this episode along with how it will help you to be fluid and move quickly in this different landscape. You'll see how caring will guide you to the place that you want to be and down the path you want to go. 


Take notes and stick around to the end to hear a special bonus about community care! 


In episode 22 of Small Stage, Big Impact we discuss

  • [4:11] The 3 types of fo care to consider for rearranging the rest of 2020
  • [4:38] Why you need to put self-care first, especially at this moment
  • [5:52] What self-care means to me
  • [6:36] The big 5 parts of self-care you can use to reset yourself
  • [12:46] Sharing what you’re doing to take care of yourself 
  • [13:20] What you can do to cultivate employee care 
  • [15:36] Two upcoming guests who are going to get real about physical and emotionally safe
  • [17:57] Why you want to over-communicate and demonstrate empathy with your customers
  • [19:25] Using these 3 areas to think about what you’re doing, what you should be doing differently and what you want to do for the rest of 2020 to get where you want 
  • [22:56] The bonus care area that you can think about if you have the first three implemented


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