E10: Why your business might need a small stage

Feb 13, 2020


Sustainability is sexy. It’s the key to long term local business success.

Around here, we believe that small stages are more sustainable for most local businesses. When we think small, it’s often easier to think big impact too.

Five raving fans are the basis of sustainability for most local businesses, but most of us are thinking of trying to reach hundreds (or even thousands) of people. This thinking big mentality actually causes us to miss deeper connections with the raving fans who could help us in a deeper and more sustainable way. 

Over time, five fans turn into 50. But the reality is that this takes months (and even years) for many of us. 


We get sustainability not by developing an audience of thousands, but by thinking small and developing a small audience that is raving fans that we know we can count on whenever we need them. 

-Renia Carsillo


In this episode we discuss… 

  • [2:23] How local businesses get themselves in trouble with Google My Business because of listening to so-called marketing experts.
  • [4:33] How five raving fans change your trajectory (hint: it’s often the bases of sustainable sales).
  • [5:54] The basis of TRA-digital with your first five raving fans 
  • [6:54] How to think differently about your marketing to overcome spotlight stage fright. Let’s talk about what you’re really afraid of. 
  • [8:11] What you can do TODAY to overcome stage fright. 


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Small Stage, Big Impact is hosted by Renia Carsillo (that's me!). I am hardcore passionate and committed to bringing the systems and strategies that give big brands an unfair advantage to local businesses. For that reason, I created the Local Rock Star Intensive, where I help local business owners use their small stage to have a BIG impact. Thank you for being here and reading this far!