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E9: Sales vs. Networking: How to Choose the Right Path (And an apology from a recovering know-it-all)

Feb 06, 2020

  This episode is about sales versus networking, but it could also be called, Why listening to 25-year-olds about business strategy is a bad idea.   Today’s episode is a recording from 2019 of an answer to one of the most comm...

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E5: What Country Stars Know: The Hero’s Journey for Local Business

Jan 09, 2020

  What’s the difference between a Country Star and a Rock Star, when it comes to local business? Think about a country song, one story and the progression of that story. Now think about a rock chorus, one big idea repeated again an...

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E3: The Guitar Hero Principle: Playing for Purpose Not Points

Jan 01, 2020

What Guitar Hero taught me about local business branding... In this podcast episode, we talk about why we want to be a Local Rock Star, and NOT a Guitar Hero. Picking up on the lessons we learned from Pat Crowley (LINK THIS) in our last episode...

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