Our front gal, Coach Renia, helps business leaders like you systematize what makes you awesome. The techniques, tools, tips, and books shared here are all designed to help you savor more moments of joy with the people you love. We believe in the hustle. We also believe in the spaces between when it’s time to savor the results too. Whether you need a kick in the booty or a permission slip to take a break, you’ll find the tools you need here.

E30: Creativity, Part 1: How to Set Up for Any Project So You Can’t Fail

Aug 06, 2020

  Which creative idea would you pursue if you knew you couldn't fail? Today we kick off the third and final section of our Summer Strategy Sessions: Creativity. And what does every creative need to achieve their goals?  A strategic ...

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E29: Courage, Part 3: Finding Your Bouncy Floor: Practical Risk Assessment & Risk-Taking

Jul 30, 2020

  Nothing opens the door for spectacular success like taking a risk. But taking a risk also opens the door for spectacular failure. So how do we ensure we go through the right door?   In our final Summer Strategy Session on courage...

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E28: Courage, Part 2: Leading from Your Values with Lori Bainum

Jul 23, 2020

  Sometimes our biggest act of courage is getting to know ourselves. Are you scared to be still and just sit with yourself?  Have you ever thought about why that is?  Have you considered that knowing yourself is essential to g...

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E27: Courage, Part 1: A Call to Community Business Leaders to Create the Change We Wish To See In The World

Jul 16, 2020

  What does it mean to have courage?  Even thinking about taking a risk, especially a business risk, can leave us feeling apprehensive. And while a single act of bravery can be difficult, repeatedly taking risks can be downright scar...

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E26: Care, Part 4: Customer Care in Tense Times: In-person, online, and over the phone

Jul 09, 2020

  How do we show up to serve others, when showing up is dangerous?   In our final episode on care, we discuss the unique challenges businesses are facing right now with customer care. Health, safety, and social issues dominate our n...

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