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E25: Care, Part 3: How Spreading Thanks Helps Us Take Care of Ourselves and Each Other with Elena Anguita

Jul 02, 2020

  Does writing thank-you notes seem like a waste of time in today's rapidly changing world?   What if doing so could help you become more resilient and successful?   In today’s episode, we’ll hear from author and ...

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E24: Caring for Employees During Social Distancing & A New World for Safety with Lorraine Lane

Jun 25, 2020

  Prioritizing employee emotional safety should be at the forefront for all business leaders. Employees need to feel cared for and safe.   In this episode, I spoke with Lorraine Lane. Lorraine is the founder of Lane Business Consult...

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E23: Caring for Employees During Social Distancing & A New World for Safety with David White

Jun 18, 2020

   What is “the new normal” when it comes to your business strategy? As millions of people are heading back to work every day, keeping them safe is an essential consideration. Now more than ever, you need to consider how ...

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E22: 3 Types of Caring to Consider for Rearranging the Rest of 2020

Jun 11, 2020

  What might shift in your business if you think of this moment like a dance instead of a battle? It’s not a reaction to Covid, but instead a time to reflect on how you can get realigned with your goals. In this episode, we’r...

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E21: Welcome to the 5th Annual Summer Strategy Sessions - Digital Edition

Jun 04, 2020

If you’ve felt like 2020 has lasted for six years instead of six months, then this is the season for you.   For our fifth year of summer strategy sessions, we’ve made the choice to bring them online. They will be on the podcas...

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