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E15: Brand and Messaging Management During Covid-19 (And Other Difficult Times)

Apr 02, 2020

Are you struggling with framing your brand’s message right now?   Maybe you’re asking yourself if it’s okay to promote your business, but you’re not sure how to do it.   Me too. I was feeling pretty conflict...

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5 Tips to Easily Make More Profit without Making Any New Sales

Mar 31, 2020

5 Tips to Easily Make More Profit without Making Any New Sales   Do you need (or want) more money?  Then, make another sale.  That’s the conventional wisdom, and it sucks. Instead of always thinking about revenue increase...

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What makes your digital strategy strong? (Hint: It isn't wizardry, but it can be magical)

Jan 18, 2019

Is your business a bit of a mess? Are you utterly dissatisfied with how your marketing efforts are performing? Do you feel like you have no idea how you get new customers? This post will help. You'll learn: How planning for digital success i...

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