Tired of being stuck in the office trying to figure out how to get business online?

Learn how to stop searching for clients by showing up in their searches instead. Finding clients doesn't have to be slow or difficult. The Local Rockstar Summer Intensive will teach you the right focus, processes, and tools to have FUN with your digital marketing, get found for the RIGHT searches fast, and stop stressing about leads forever.


Spend 7 Weeks Transforming Your Digital Footprint

In the Local Rock Star Summer Intensive you will learn how to get found by the RIGHT audience faster than ever before. By the end of the program you will...

Brand Awareness and Authority

Do you feel like the right audience has no idea who you are? In the Local Rock Star Digital Marketing Intensive you'll learn how to get "Internet Famous" with the people who matter to your brand.

More Traffic to Your Website

Use optimization strategies specifically designed and tested with micro businesses just like yours. You'll learn how to compete with the "big guys" and gain an advantage in your market.

Have a Powerful
Lead Conversion Funnel

If you're not intentionally designing your funnel, you're probably leaking prospects all over your digital presence without even knowing. Learn how to plug the leaks and funnel real results into your business.

"When we first started working with Renia, I was frustrated with our web presence and felt confused about what to do next. Renia helped me to understand my target customer better, streamline our branding, and helped us to rank for stuff that makes sense for our business, not just random search terms... Renia helps us a lot with our online marketing, but what matters most to me is that I feel like we are working with a true partner who can help me with strategy and really cares about our success."

Jovan Miller-Zeller
Owner, Tree Care by Robert Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what the Local Rock Star Summer Intensive has to offer.

The Local Rock Star Summer Intensive is a 7-week program that outlines the system Genevieve Digital uses to help community-based businesses achieve their goals online. The course schedule includes:

  • Week One: Creating A Sustainable Digital Strategy
  • Week Two: Managing A Growth-Driven Website for Your Local Brand
  • Week Three: The Facebook 5: Manage Your Facebook Presence in 15-Minutes Per Day
  • Week Four: Implementation Week
  • Week Five: Google My Business & The Basics of Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Week Six: LinkedIn for B2B Growth - Manage Your Most Important Social Network in 15 Minutes Per Day
  • Week Seven: Pulling It All Together - How to Get TRAdigital with your marketing plan

Each week consists of 2-3 video lessons, worksheets, and challenges to help motivate you to stay on track.

In addition to the course materials, there are weekly live Q&A sessions, live virtual trainings with Coach Renia every Wednesday and virtual office hours every Friday, where participants can jump in and ask questions or get help with their specific challenges.

Participants can expect to spend 4-5 hours per week working on the program. 

Projects break down in the following ways:

  1. Planning & Research (This is brainstorming/research/and discussion type work) 20%. Most of the first two weeks of the program are researching, categorizing, and planning. Expect some discussion time to be needed regarding your vision for what you want out of the next 12-18 months, which personas  you want to focus on first, and how you want to structure your brand voice. 
  2. Basic Admin (This is data input, setting up profiles, image optimization, and managing web-based tasks) 20%. This could be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of social media. There's a fair bit of data entry involved in setting up some of these profiles. There will be a done-for-you option offered during the program to have the Genevieve Digital team do it for you, or you can have an assistant or VA use the provided guides/videos to do it, or you can choose to complete this piece yourself. This part of the work is very specific, a bit time consuming, and requires attention to detail, but is not difficult. 
  3. Writing (This is the most daunting part of the program for most people and does require some basic writing skills) 30%. The writing work is the #1 reason people hire an agency to do this work for them. Nothing works in this space without good writing. There's no getting around it. Much of the time you will spend working on the program is writing content such as landing page content, posts for social media outlets, and email outreach. We will teach you systems for writing faster, tools for editing, and templates for how to structure things but at the end of the day, the writing is usually the most intense part and it must be done. 
  4. Outreach (This is the actual communication time with other people and/or your followers) 30%. This is the one piece that absolutely should not be outsourced, ever. The personal online interactions are something that you will learn to incorporate as a habit into your daily and weekly workflows. Everything else in the program could eventually be outsourced, as your reach grows, but this piece should become a part of your daily work schedules even if you eventually outsource all your other digital marketing.
Coach Renia has used the system this program will teach with over 50 different websites,  with phenomenal results, but has not adapted it to training until now. It's difficult to give you concrete numbers without looking at where you are now, but in Week One of the program, we will learn how to look at where you're at, set realistic goals, and monitor how your performing. One of the concepts we follow is called "Growth-Driven Design", which means you'll learn how to make small tweaks each week to help you hit your goals. Results from current clients on this system with our agency: 
  • Organic traffic increase from an average of 3000 visitors per month in September 2017 (Start date) to an average just below 23,000 per month this quarter for an e-commerce site (This is a company that was paying someone else for SEO services for 5 years previously).
  • For an insurance company: Website lead generation has completely replaced all print advertising in 16 months,
  • Manufacturer of industrial product generated three multi-million dollar deals over the course of 12 months with a very specific conversion funnel targeted to energy companies.
I share different results with you because it really depends on what you are after what you can expect.  Most of our clients start seeing results 4-6 months after launch from their website funnels and 3-6 months from outreach efforts with no ad spend. Of course, you can accelerate that by spending ads dollars but that's not my area of expertise. We WILL NOT cover ads-based strategies in this program. We have a formula that we will use in the program to set goals, based on your current lead conversion rates with offline referrals, and I'll teach you how to tweak your systems as you go so that you will always hit those goals. 
In short, when our clients follow the system, they get results. Every time.

Better than Money-Back Guarantee

Coach Renia's Better-Than-Money Back Guarantee is a simple promise: When you participate in completely, do the work, show up for the calls, and ask for help when you need it. Then, if you are unhappy with the program in any way, we will refund your program fee AND pay for your investment in another program.

We know there are lots of choices out there for help with your digital marketing, and we want you to feel safe choosing this one.

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Other Pricing Options

We get it, sometimes cashflow is tight. With that in mind, we have created three accessible pricing options to help you get started NOW. It's time to stop feeling frustrated about your digital marketing once and for all!

The Cashflow Priority Plan



When your #1 priority is monthly cashflow, pay a little more over time for a lower monthly payment.

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The Summer Sizzle Plan



Pay over 3 months & save $300. This plan breaks up the course investment while saving you cash.

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The One-and-Done



When keeping your cash for  is the priority, a one-time investment for the best deal.

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